Lots of people have their photos hiding in albums. Some of those pictures have faded, but when they’re stuck in a book, box or envelope, who can tell, let alone see them? Let me scan and fix them for you so they can be displayed on your computer, phone, tablet or a digital picture frame! This is the 21st Century, get with the times! Here are a few examples of the restorations we do here at Digital Archiving and Photo Restoration by Bogframe.

1955 120 Negative Turned Positive

1963 Ektachrome® 35mm Slide Before & After Restoration

1968 B&W Print With Captions

1969 Kodacolor Print Before and After Restoration

1983 Polaroid® Before and After Restoration

1963 Ektachrome 35mm slide before and after restoration

3/4″ X 1½” 1961 print before and after restoration

Tiny old photo

1920 1″ X 2½” Photo original and restored

1935 photo before and after digital restoration


Elizabeth Klug

Seth’s digital restoration skills are nothing short of amazing! He restored the color to some photos from 1980 that were taken with a crummy camera. I don’t think they ever looked better than he made them look! Seth you are a miracle worker!! Thanks!

Kathy Fountain

Heartily recommends Digital Archiving and Photo Restoration by Bogframe. He did a great job digitally restoring some very old pictures of my grandparents. The price and the service can’t be beat!

Alma Mintzer Bogdanove

Wonderful seeing pictures that have faded after having them hidden in drawers for over 50 years come to life. Great job, Seth. Thanks.

Peri Dreznick Fisher

Thank you so much for the perfect job you did on fixing not only the current pic, but also a precious poloroid taken in the late 1970’s! That pic is of a dear friend who is no longer with us, and it’s just about the only one I have of her. Thanks to you, Seth, I can actually see her face again.

Judith K. Bogdanove

This is definitely a good service for busy people who have always wanted to scan those fading photos but never have time.

Lawrence Weinberg

I had two very large (about 16 inches by 20 inches) photos of my great grandparents. I could not find anyone with a scanner that would be able to scan them because large scale scanners are on rollers that would have further cracked and possibly destroyed the photos. Seth used a flatbed scanner and then reconstructed the photos and cleaned them up digitally. He did a fantastic job.

Elizabeth Perrotta

Exceptional quality, brilliant customer service! Digital Archiving does a top notch job, I highly recommend getting your precious pictures restored by a professional at Digital Archiving and Photo Restoration!


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