Most of our scanning is done at two levels; Screen Ready and Archival. Screen ready will make your photos big enough to be seen clearly on any computer screen, post them on your favorite social media site or message board and will also allow you to print them, if desired, at their original size. Archival scanning is done on a sliding scale from 600dpi for 8 X 10 or larger originals up to 6400dpi for a 35mm slide or negative. This will ensure that you won’t have to scan your prints or slides again for a very long time unless there are major changes in digital media in the future. Complimentary fade correction will be provided as part of the service.

For Prints:

Family and friends swim Beach, 1950

1950 Kodacolor® Print Before and After Restoration

Archival Scan with complimentary fade correction and screen resolution copy, suitable for posting on social media…………. $1.00 each  (Sufficient for a clear print at the same size or double)

10-100 scans………………………..  $ .75 each

101-1000 scans…………………….  $ .50 each

Basic Color Correction and CD/DVD are included

35mm Negatives and slides:

1963 Ektachrome 35mm slide before and after restoration

1963 Ektachrome 35mm slide before and after restoration

6400 dpi (Archival) plus screen resolution copy with complimentary fade correction…………………………………$4.00 each  (Sufficient for up to a 16 X  20 print)

10-100 slides……………………………$2.50 each

101-1000+ slides………………………$1.50 each

Color Correction and CD/DVD are included in all orders.

NEW!!! Thanks to a MAJOR equipment upgrade, we can now scan any transparency up to 8 x 10


Digital restoration is painstaking work, and it takes time to do. How much time depends on the extent of the damage and how simple or complicated it will be to repair it. Since no two photos are the same, we cannot have a set price for restoration; instead, we charge an hourly rate of $30.00 per hour. Once we have looked at your photos and assessed the damage, we will give you a firm price based upon how long we think it will take. If it turns out that more time is needed to do a proper job, we will do the job, but we will not charge more than we quoted you.

Damaged Photo Before

Damaged Photo Before Restoration

Damaged Photo After TwoHours of Restoration

Damaged Photo After Two Hours of Restoration

NEW!!! View-Master Reels

Fed and State Reel 1 copy

View-Master reels,  scanned and converted into anaglyph are $25.00 Two sets of red/cyan glasses and a CD are included.

1 NYSP ana

For those who prefer the Left/Right style, that is also available at the same price.

1 NYSP web



Because we offer so many different services at so many different levels, it’s difficult to list them all. If you have a project you’d like to entrust to us, please contact us by email at and we’ll be happy to provide you with a price quote and turnaround time.

To send payment for services rendered, please click the “buy now” button below and when you get to pay-pal, please specify the amount you owe. If you have not negotiated yet, please contact me using our contact form below.

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