Print Scanning and Restoring

Here at Digital Archiving and Photo Restoration by Bogframe we have several services to meet your 21st Century photo needs. For example, you may have hundreds or thousands of photo prints stored away in boxes, envelopes or albums; photos you never look at anymore because it’s too much of a hassle to take them out and sift through them. Why not put them in a padded envelope or a box, send them to us and let us scan them and burn them onto a CD or DVD so you can see them anytime on your computer or TV?

If those prints are ten or more years old, they’ve probably faded, and the older a color print gets, the more it fades. Between our hardware, software and years of expertise, we can bring those faded old photos back to the way you remember them!

1968 Kodacolor Print Before & After Restoration

Family and friends swim Beach, 1950

1950 Kodacolor® Print Before and After Restoration

1935 photo before and after digital restoration

4 thoughts on “Print Scanning and Restoring

  1. I have a 1953 kodacolor 4×6 print that is very faded. I would like it restored to enable enlarging and framing or at least framing at its current size. Can you do this? How much will it cost? What is the procedure for getting the print to you?
    David Rosenbloom

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